About Me

Purdue University

I’m Yixuan Qiu, currently a fourth-year PhD student in Department of Statistics, Purdue University.

I’m presently doing research on Functional Data Analysis, and also have great interest in statistical computing, machine learning and data visualization. The Projects page lists some open source software and other projects that I have done or I’m working on.

I’m pretty much a “useR”, since R is so naturally connected with Statistics. Apart from this, I also keep an eye on some other open source projects and programming languages, some of which are useful in statistical computing, and others are simply for fun. GitHub is a nice place to find these stuffs, and even this blog is open source hosted in my GitHub page.

I graduated from Renmin University of China, where I obtained B.A. and M.A. in Statistics and Actuarial Science. There I stayed for six years in the city of Beijing. That’s a good memory.

Renmin University

You can always reach me through email, yixuanq [at] gmail [dot] com. Feel free to send me messages or leave comments here.

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